Granite Signals Digital Drone Detection

We manufacture cutting-edge drone detection systems for Prisons and Correctional Institutions — using military-grade radio frequency location technology. Detect the drones that are bringing contraband into your facilities.

Corrections Focused

We are the only drone-detection firm that works solely with Corrections Agencies.

Military Grade

Our technology is export-controlled by US ITAR and export regulations. It is not for sale to non-government entities.

American Made

Unlike many of our competitors, we're 100% American owned and made.

All over the country, drones are smuggling drugs, cell phones, and even handguns into prisons. A 2018 study of 3 prisons in Georgia found they had an average of 11.5 drone incursions per month. That's an average of one every three days! An explosion of correctional officers in Pennsylvania being exposed to synthetic drugs led to the state-wide deployment of drone detecting systems. Keeping drones out keeps officers safe.

On April 15th, 2018 a riot broke out in Lee Correctional Facility in South Carolina. By the time it was over, seven inmates were dead and 22 were badly injured. It was the largest prison riot in 25 years. Investigations into the riot discoverd gangs fighting over cell phones was the root cause. Many of the cell phones were delivered by drones. Keeping drones out keeps inmates safe.

Fight Back. Don't let drones and their pilots get away. Granite Signals can help you control this dangerous threat.